Gauri Sharma
research + design + strategy

About me


Hello, I’m Gauri Sharma.

I’m a UX/UI Designer with over 12 years of experience helping organizations discover, design, and deliver meaningful experiences for their customers. I leverage design thinking, research, strategy, and storytelling to inspire teams and solve complex problems.

As a Senior Product Designer at Intuit, I build tools that power prosperity for self-employed, small businesses, and accountants. Currently, I’m working alongside a passionate group of colleagues to define and develop the future of QuickBooks Assistant, which is Intuit’s cutting edge A.I. offering to enhance how customers run their businesses. In addition to that, as an Innovation Catalyst, I volunteer 10% of my time to help teams across Intuit unlock their creative potential.

Prior to Intuit, I’ve had the privilege of working at IDEO, Hot Studio, Method, and Conscious Creative. Throughout my career, I’ve gravitated towards projects that empower vulnerable and underserved communities.

Outside of work, I prioritize taking in new experiences with my family which range widely between experimenting with healthy low-carb vegetarian recipes, having my family try an adventurous activity (e.g. white water rafting, scuba diving, cave spelunking, etc), taking road trips to visit hidden gems tucked away in different countries, collaborating on personal projects with my husband, or trying out new tech that endows me with superpowers to juggle my day to day.

I’ve been based out of Bay Area, California for most of my life but I originally hail from India.
Reach out and say “Hello” if you’re interested in chatting further!